Klimaire Stamped Aluminum Grille For Ptac Wall Sleeve 42

Klimaire Stamped Aluminum Grille For Ptac Wall Sleeve 42" X 16" - TMAG -Parts & Accessories

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Anodized Stamped Aluminum Grille for PTAC Wall Sleeve, Standard Size
Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Packaged Terminal Air Conditoner Heat Pumps (PTAC and PTHP) are all-in-one heating and cooling units that are easy to install and use, but they do require a wall sleeve and a protective grille. 

The grill attaches to the wall sleeve and covers the back of the PTAC / PTHP that extends out of your exterior wall. The grille protects the PTAC or PTHP and also makes it visually appealing.  

  • Anodized, stamped aluminum with silver finish 
  • Guards your PTAC from dirt and debris
  • Visually appealing; enhances building exterior
  • Standard, universal size for all PTACs 42" x 16" 
  • Wall sleeve sold separately

    • Resists Corrosion

    • Protects Your PTAC

    • Required for Installation


Model Number TMAG
Brand Klimaire