Klimaire 3-Zone 28K BTU 20 Seer 12K+12K+12K Wall AC Mini Split Heat Pump KITS  Tri Zone KMIR436-3XKSIE012 - A&A Mini Splits

Klimaire 3-Zone 28K BTU 20 Seer 12K+12K+12K Wall AC Mini Split Heat Pump KITS Tri Zone KMIR436-3XKSIE012

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Klimaire Three-Zone Ductless System Delivers Customized Zoned Comfort

Klimaire Multi-Zone Ductless Air Conditioner Heat Pumps crank up energy savings and automation. Using just one outdoor unit, the three KSIE Series 12,000 BTU wall mounted fan coils in this multi-zone ac heat pump system provide separate climate control for three rooms of up to 550 square feet each. Inverter technology drives precise temperature control and puts you at the steering wheel with full-function remote controls for each KSIE indoor fan coil. Inverter technology matched with the energy-efficiency of reverse cycle heat pump design achieves 20 SEER efficiency in this three-zone ductless ac system.

  • 2-way airflow & long-range air discharge
  • Adjustable louvers and auto-swing  
  • Self-cleaning function 

A microprocessor in the main electronic control board is the brain of the ductless system. It allows you to enjoy the full range of high efficiency with the LED remote control. You can expect lower energy bills due to the system?s 20 SEER rating. On top of that, built-in system safeguards including self-diagnostics/error code display and refrigerant leak detection make maintenance simple.

KSIE012-H220 | Indoor Unit x 3

Don?t let the simple, clean lines of the elegantly-styled KSIE indoor wall-mounted unit fool you. It is jam-packed with high-tech features. With the Follow ?Feeling? function activated, the temperature sensor ?moves? from the wall unit to the remote control. The sensor then directs the mini-split to adjust heating and cooling based on the temperature immediately surrounding anyone carrying the remote.

Also enjoy 12 fan speeds, along with heating, cooling, dedicated dehumidification, turbo function and sleep mode.  Auto clean function cleans and dries the evaporator to prevent mildew growth and maintain healthy indoor air quality. The new Home Away freeze protection feature maintains the room at 46º F when you are away for an extended period during the heating season.

The remote control allows for manual operation of the unit when necessary. With the new ?Quick-Hook Design,? the fan coil hangs on the wall easier and faster. An additional gap for pipe installation as well as right to left adjustments add to installation simplicity.

  • 3D air flow technology distributes the air evenly throughout the room. 
  • 24 hour timer and memory function
  • Turbo mode for fast heating & cooling

KMIR327-H217 | Outdoor Unit

Klimaire's KMIR327-H217 outdoor ductless air conditioner heat pump unit has a high-performance twin rotary compressor for lasting durability and quiet operation. The variable speed compressor keeps operational noise low as the motor speeds up and slows down gradually in alignment with the indoor temperature needs. Controlled by the variable speed compressor, dedicated dehumidification mode effectively maintains recommended air moisture levels.

  • Automatically diverts unused capacity to zones based on specific thermal loads
  • Air conditioner heat pump operates in outdoor temperatures as low as 5°F
  • Compact design easily installs on concrete slab or use wall mount bracket

Your Klimaire Ductless Multi-Zone System from Heat & Cool Comes With:

  • KSIE012-H220 | Indoor Unit x3
  • KMIR327-H217 | Outdoor Unit
  • Outdoor unit is pre-charged with R-410A refrigerant
  • 16-foot Installation Kits x3
  • Indoor unit mounting plates  
  • Remote controls with wall brackets
  • Installation manual
  • User manual 
  • Manufacturer warranty


  • 1 year parts limited warranty
  • 5 years compressor limited warranty