Senville Ceiling Cassette 18000 BTU 21 SEER Single Zone Mini Split AC & Heat Pump Remote - A&A Mini Splits

Senville Ceiling Cassette 18000 BTU 21 SEER Single Zone Mini Split AC & Heat Pump Remote

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Senville offers high efficiency ductless mini split air conditioners, with compact design, powerful functions for an easy install in any room. Enjoy cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, at no additional cost. This system does not require costly ductwork, making the installation process simpler and less expensive. This mini split system is great for the whole home, additions, bedrooms, garages, businesses, restaurants and commercial spaces. Get perfect climate control, all the time!


  • Ultra High Efficiency AURA Collection (With ENERGY STAR)
  • DC Inverter Compressor -Variable speed compressor helping unit draw less electricity, produce less sound and gives you better room temperature control
  • Silver Ion Filter – Reduce allergens and bacteria in the air with a seven-stage air filtration system, to help eliminate odors, and up to 95% of smoke and pollen
  • With Heating – Can heat your home, bedroom, office, or store all year round, with heating and cooling up to -22F/-30C
  • Follow Me Technology - Built-in sensor technology follows the remote control's location and provides the most comfortable temperature to that area
  • Ultra Quiet Operation - Special cross-flow technology with a larger diameter helps to reduce noise levels without sacrificing airflow or cooling, making the system whisper quiet
  • Not Included: Electrical wiring needed for installation and drain pipe
  • Included: 16 Ft. Copper Line Set Kit for Each Indoor Handler
  • Mounting hardware included: Yes

Key Product Features

  • 21 SEER (CEE Tier 2)
  • With Heat Pump (Up to -30C / -22F)
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Whisper Technology (Ultra Quiet)
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection
  • Inverter Technology
  • Silver Ion Filter (Anti-Microbial)
  • Vertical Swing Function
  • Built-In De-humidification Function
  • Follow Me Function (Remote with Built-In Thermostat)
  • Low Ambient Cooling (Up to -30C / -22F)
  • Self-Cleaning Mode
  • PTC Heat Belt and Pan
  • Bucket Free Outdoor Design
  • Self Diagnosis System

Technical Specifications

Model Number SENA-18HF-IC
Style Ductless Mini Split AC With Heat Pump  - Ceiling
Compressor Toshiba (GMCC)
Refrigerant R410A (Pre-Charged)
Cooling Capacity 17500 BTU
Heating Capacity 18000 BTU
Air Flow 710 H / 560 M / 440 L CFM
Power Supply 208-230 V / 60 Hz, 1Ph
Input Power 1400W (cooling) / 1440W (heating)
Input Current 6.5A (Cooling) / 6.66A (Heating)
EER 12.5
HSPF 9.5
Sound Level 47/40/31 dB (Indoor) / 54dB (Outdoor)
Moisture Removal
1.7 L/hr
Min Operating Temperature* – 20 C / -4 F
Net Weight 26.5 Lbs (Indoor)/ 102 Lbs (Outdoor)
22.44×22.44×10.24 in (indoor unit) (Indoor Unit) 33.27 x 12.60 x 27.56 in (Outdoor Unit))
Warranty 2 Year on Parts / 7 Years on Compressor