Senville Aura 36000 BTU 22 Seer Quad Zone 9K/9K/9K/12K Air Conditioner Heat Pump Mini Split SENA-36HF-Q99912 - A&A Mini Splits

Senville Aura 36000 BTU 22 Seer Quad Zone 9K/9K/9K/12K Air Conditioner Heat Pump Mini Split SENA-36HF-Q99912

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Senville mini splits are completely fortified with an innovative Toshiba Inverter compressor. Implementing the newest technology offered, your system guarantees marginal use of electrical resources while sustaining an amiable yet affordable housing temperature. As a testament to their minimal energy usage, Senville units have been certified by Energy Star which grade energy efficiency in home heating and cooling appliances. Each Senville product is manufactured to the maximum international standards and backed by more than four decades of global engineering brilliance. Saving money on energy all year long Senville air conditioners are some of the most efficient available on the market. The inverter technology installed in all Senville products help them reach S.E.E.R.(Seasonal energy efficiency ratio) as high as 23! Senville air conditioners have earned certifications from international standards such as Energy Star. Senville ductless mini splits meet the requirements for tax credits offered in certain states in the USA and provincial areas of Canada, giving you extra money back during tax season for an already affordable Senville unit. Multi-purpose compressor the multi-faceted Senville ductless air conditioners are precision manufactured with Toshiba compressors which can invariably be used as heat pumps during the winter months. The outdoor units are equipped with a defrost cycle, allowing these mini split Senville units to operate with outdoor temperatures that drop as low as -22F/ -30C. You"ll be able to operate this unit year round and watch the heating and cooling savings rack up through its energy efficient operation. Senville Aura systems are equipped with a 2 year warranty on parts.


  • Aura collection
  • Inverter compressor by Toshiba - Variable speed compressor helping unit draw less electricity, produce less sound and gives you better room temperature control
  • Silver ion technology provides seven stages of air filtration to kill airborne bacteria, eliminate odors, deactivate harmful chemical gases, and eliminate up to 95% of dust, smoke and pollen
  • Heat pump - Can heat your home, office or store with minimum operating temperatures as low as -22F/ -30C
  • Follow me technology - Built-in sensor technology follows the remote control's location and provides the most comfortable temperature to that area
  • Refrigerent leak detector - Designed to help prevent damage to your home and AC, this system will notify you if a leak is detected
  • Self cleaning - Helps to remove dirt, dust, and pollen from the unit, as well as wet air and moisture, thereby reducing and preventing breeding of bacteria
  • Leak detector - Designed to help prevent damage to your home and AC, this system will notify you if a leak is detected
  • Low noise air flow - Special cross-flow technology with a larger diameter helps to reduce noise levels without sacrificing airflow or cooling
  • Ductless mini split
  • Orientation: Horizontal

BTU Sizing Chart for Mini Split Systems

Check out our square footage and BTU comparison chart below. The following table is for individual zones, for a multi-zone, combine the total BTU’s needed to establish the overall BTU values of the system.

Area To Be Cooled Capacity Needed (BTUs Per Hour)
150 to 250 square feet 6,000 BTUs
250 to 300 square feet 7,000 BTUs
300 to 350 square feet 8,000 BTUs
350 to 400 square feet 9,000 BTUs
400 to 450 square feet 10,000 BTUs
450 to 550 square feet 12,000 BTUs
550 to 700 square feet 14,000 BTUs
700 to 1,000 square feet 18,000 BTUs
1,000 to 1,200 square feet 21,000 BTUs
1,200 to 1,400 square feet 23,000 BTUs
Up to 1,500 square feet 24,000 BTUs

Product Details

  • Product Type: Split air conditioner
  • BTU Cooling: 9000BTU X3  12000 BTU
  • 16FT Linesets   X4
  • Remote Included: Yes
  • Maximum Coverage Area: 1600 square feet
  • Energy Saver Mode: Yes
  • Voltage: 230Volt
  • Programmable Timer: Yes

Technical Specifications

Model Number SENA/36MO/Z
Style Ductless Mini Split AC With Heat Pump
Compressor Toshiba (GMCC)
Refrigerant R410A (Pre-Charged)
Refrigerant Pre Charge 100 Ft.
Cooling Capacity 36000 BTU
Heating Capacity 36000 BTU
Air Flow Varies According To Indoor Combination
Power Supply 208-230 V / 60 Hz, 1Ph
Input Power 880-4160W (Cooling) / 960-3795W (Heating)
Input Current N/A
SEER 22.5
EER 11.5
HSPF4 10.2
Sound Level 43/36/24 dB (Indoor) / 62.3dB (Outdoor)
Moisture Removal 1.2 L/hr
Min Operating Temperature - 30 °C / - 22 °F
Net Weight 19 .84 Lbs (Indoor) / 156.53 lbs (Outdoor)
Dimensions 32.87x7.8x11.02 in (Indoor Unit) 37.24x16.14x31.89 in (Outdoor Unit)
Warranty 2 Year on Parts / 7 Years on Compressor
Connection Wiring (Indoor/Outdoor) 16AWG-4 Stranded, Unshielded
Connection Wiring (Power Supply) 10-3 Guage