Klimaire 4 Zone 48K BTU 21Seer 9k-12k-12k Wall 18K Console AC Mini Split Heat Kits Quad Zone KMIR545-E09-2E12-FM18 - A&A Mini Splits

Klimaire 4 Zone 48K BTU 21Seer 9k-12k-12k Wall 18K Console AC Mini Split Heat Kits Quad Zone KMIR545-E09-2E12-FM18

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Will include 15ft Linesets. If you need a 25FT Lineset kit it is $60 more for each Lineset Kit.

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4-Zone Klimaire Multi-Split Inverter Heat Pump With 1X9000 Btu & 2X12000 Btu Wall Mount, 1X18000 Btu Console Fan Coils - 208-230V

KSIE | Indoor Unit

Don’t let the simple, clean lines of the elegantly-styled KSIE indoor wall-mounted unit fool you. It is jam-packed with high-tech features. With the Follow “Feeling” function activated, the temperature sensor “moves” from the wall unit to the remote control. The sensor then directs the mini-split to adjust heating and cooling based on the temperature immediately surrounding anyone carrying the remote.

Also enjoy 12 fan speeds, along with heating, cooling, dedicated dehumidification, turbo function and sleep mode.  Auto clean function cleans and dries the evaporator to prevent mildew growth and maintain healthy indoor air quality. The new Home Away freeze protection feature maintains the room at 46º F when you are away for an extended period during the heating season.

The remote control allows for manual operation of the unit when necessary. With the new “Quick-Hook Design,” the fan coil hangs on the wall easier and faster. An additional gap for pipe installation as well as right to left adjustments add to installation simplicity.

  • 3D air flow technology distributes the air evenly throughout the room. 
  • 24 hour timer and memory function
  • Turbo mode for fast heating & cooling

KFIM | Indoor Unit

Klimaire KFIM console fan coils are engineered to provide maximum output while making the smallest impact on your interior design. With 4 air inlets and 2 air outlet options. Smart inverter technology boosts cooling and heating power even further by redirecting unused capacity to zones with higher thermal loads.


    • 21.5 SEER / 208-230 Volt - Four zone cooling and heating system

    • 3 indoor high wall type & 1 console type operated via smart remote control

    • Ideal for installations where outdoor space is limited or restricted for more than one unit

    • Comfort Features / Wall Mount - Follow me function, 12 fan speeds, 2-way air flow, long range air discharge, anti cold wind, sleep mode


Model Number KMIR545-E09-2E12-FM18
Brand Klimaire
Number of Zones 4
HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) 10.4
System Cooling Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h 47000
System Heating Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h 49000
Power Supply 208-230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Zone 1 Model Number KSIE009-H221-I
Zone 1 Capacity Btu/H 9000
Zone 1 Type Wall Mount
Zone 2 Model Number KSIE012-H220-IW
Zone 2 Capacity Btu/H 12000
Zone 2 Type Wall Mount
Zone 3 Model Number KSIE012-H220-IW
Zone 3 Capacity Btu/H 12000
Zone 3 Type Wall Mount
Zone 4 Model Number KFIM018-H2
Zone 4 Capacity Btu/H 18000
Zone 4 Type Console
Zone 5 Model Number No
Zone 5 Capacity Btu/H No
Zone 5 Type No
System Cooling Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h No
System Heating Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h No