Klimaire 3-Zone 36K BTU 20Seer 12K Ducted 18K Ceiling 18K Console AC Mini Heat Tri Zone KMIR436-DR12-TR18-FM18 - A&A Mini Splits

Klimaire 3-Zone 36K BTU 20Seer 12K Ducted 18K Ceiling 18K Console AC Mini Heat Tri Zone KMIR436-DR12-TR18-FM18

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Will include 15ft Linesets. If you need a 25FT Lineset kit it is $60 more for each Lineset Kit.

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3-Zone Klimaire Multi-Split Inverter Heat Pump With 1X12000 Btu Ducted Recessed, 1X18000 Btu Ceiling Cassette & 1X18000 Btu Console Fan Coils - 208-230V

KDIR| Indoor Unit

Cool or heat more than one zone with simple duct connection and powerful output. Ideal for a bathroom and bedroom combination in a residential application or foyer and office shared use in a commercial layout. At only 9 inches high, the unit fits easily in a drop ceiling or attic space.

  • Choice of back or bottom air return
  • Slim, hideaway profile  
  • Anti-cold blast function prevents cold air flow at start of heat cycle

KTIM | Indoor Unit

Each recessed ceiling cassette unit disperses air in all directions for balanced comfort. Additionally, each unit can share capacity with an adjacent room via flexible duct. The unit’s off-white decorative panel blends easily with room and ceiling design. A built-in condensate pump provides flexible and easy installation. All that’s needed to accommodate this slim unit is a 24” x 24” space in a drop ceiling.   

  • Removable panel for easy cleaning
  • Features fresh air intake design
  • Can be connected to an alarm and long distance on/off control

KFIM | Indoor Unit

Klimaire KFIM console fan coils are engineered to provide maximum output while making the smallest impact on your interior design. With 4 air inlets and 2 air outlet options. Smart inverter technology boosts cooling and heating power even further by redirecting unused capacity to zones with higher thermal loads.


    • 20.5 SEER / 208-230 Volt - Three zone cooling and heating system

    • 1 ceiling1 ceiling cassette type & 1 console operated via smart remote control.

    • Ideal for installations where outdoor space is limited or restricted for more than one unit

    • Slim duct unistares 8.3" in height suitable for where ceiling cavity is small.


Model Number KMIR436-DR12-TM18-FM18
Brand Klimaire
Number of Zones 3
HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) 9.9
System Cooling Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h 36000
System Heating Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h 39000
Power Supply 208-230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Zone 1 Model Number KDIR12-H2
Zone 1 Capacity Btu/H 12000
Zone 1 Type Receessed Ducted
Zone 2 Model Number KTIM018-H2U
Zone 2 Capacity Btu/H 18000
Zone 2 Type Cassette
Zone 3 Model Number KFIM018-H2
Zone 3 Capacity Btu/H 18000
Zone 3 Type Console
Zone 4 Model Number No
Zone 4 Capacity Btu/H No
Zone 4 Type No
Zone 5 Model Number No
Zone 5 Capacity Btu/H No
Zone 5 Type No
System Cooling Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h No
System Heating Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h No