Klimaire 18000 BTU 2-Zone 12Kx2 Duel wall 21 Seer AC Mini Split Heat 15FT Kits Duel Zone KMIR218-2E12 - A&A Mini Splits

Klimaire 18000 BTU 2-Zone 12Kx2 Duel wall 21 Seer AC Mini Split Heat 15FT Kits Duel Zone KMIR218-2E12

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Will include 15ft Linesets. If you need a 25FT Lineset kit it is $60 more for each Lineset Kit.




KMIR218-H221 - This newly designed dual-zone heat pump unit offers up to 21.3 SSER, and design flexibility for many installation types, using one outdoor unit with two indoor units. Each indoor unit is independently controlled to meet your specific comfort preferences. There are several models available in ductless and ducted type designs such as high wall mounted, ceiling cassette, slim ceiling recessed, and decorative ceiling-floor type units to be placed just about anywhere in your home or your business.

Klimaire DC inverter driven variable speed compressor enables to precisely match system capacity to actual load. They can slow down, or speed up based on demand load by varying the speed of the compressor to be able to better match the load in heating and cooling.

* Heat pump operates in outdoor temperatures as low as 5°F.

* Indoor temperature stays steady by eliminating hot and cold swings experienced with ON-OFF conventional systems.

* Klimaire DC inverter reduces capacity to match lighter loads by increasing the run time to remove moisture and improve comfort.

* Automatically diverts unused capacity to zones based on specific thermal load.

* Compact design easily installs on concrete slab or use wall mount bracket.

* Proactive maintenance and high-tech functions enabled by self-diagnostics.


KSIE012-H220-I high wall mounted indoor unit sleek design matches any type of décor. They mount high on a wall, out of sight and do not require ductwork, increasing energy efficiency. This Klimaire new designed sleek and attractive indoor unit is whisper quiet, and comes with fully-function remote control along with many comfort and indoor air quality features for individual comfort. You can choose from heating, cooling, fan or dehumidification modes, built-in emergency MANUAL switch button for convenience and wall bracket for easy installation.

* Remote Control -Unit comes with a smart remote control that allows the user to set custom control parameters. A wall remote holder is included.

* Total comfort – 3D air flow technology distribute air evenly throughout the room, precise air flow can be adjusted with 12 speed motor, different flap angles provide better air circulation for either heating or cooling, Silence operation enables the system to work in low frequency and indoor unit brings faint breeze, reduces noise level and creates a quiet and comfortable room for applications where noise reduction is vital.

* Dehumidification-The unit efficiently dehumidifies with its dry mode function without changing the room temperature.

* Sleep Mode-Helps to maintain the most comfortable temperature for a deep sleep and save more energy.

* Self-diagnosis – Microprocessor in the main electronic board performs a self-diagnostics and displays error codes to make maintenance simple.

* Auto swing louver – The auto swing Louver function ensures that the air direction corresponds to the mode selected.

* Auto-restart - After a power interruption when the power returns the unit will restart automatically at the previous function settings.

* Anti-cold draft - If the ambient temperature is low and when the unit is turn on in heat mode; it will warm up prior to starting the fan operation to prevent a cold air blast to make people feel more comfortable.

* Quick-Hook Design – The Indoor unit can be hung easier and faster on the newly designed mounting plate reducing installation time and easing service with additional gap for pipe installation as well as right to left adjustments.

* Convenient for installation – Multi-refrigerant outlet pipe method: left/right/rear, more flexible for installation.

* Auto swing louver – The auto swing Louver function ensures that the air direction corresponds to the mode selected.

* Extended heating can be achieved in ambient conditions as low as 5º F.


    • 21.3 SEER / 208-230 Volt - Two zone heating and cooling system.

    • 2 indoor units high wall type operated via smart remote control with anti-fungus self-cleaning and Silence function.

    • Ideal for installations where outdoor space is limited or restricted for more than one unit.

    • Comfort Features - Follow me function, 12 fan speeds, 2-way air flow, long range air discharge, anti cold wind, sleep mode.


Model Number KMIR218-2E12
Brand Klimaire
Number of Zones 2
SEER 21.3
HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) 10
System Cooling Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h 22900
System Heating Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h 24300
Power Supply 208-230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Zone 1 Model Number KSIE012-H220-I
Zone 1 Capacity Btu/H 12000
Zone 1 Type Wall Mount
Zone 2 Model Number KSIE012-H220-IW
Zone 2 Capacity Btu/H 12000
Zone 2 Type Wall Mount
Zone 3 Model Number No
Zone 3 Capacity Btu/H No
Zone 3 Type No
Zone 4 Model Number No
Zone 4 Capacity Btu/H No
Zone 4 Type No
Zone 5 Model Number No
Zone 5 Capacity Btu/H No
Zone 5 Type No
System Cooling Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h No
System Heating Capacity (Nominal) Btu/h No