Klimaire 36000 Btu 16 SEER Ductless AC Mini Split WiFi Ready Heat 15FT KIT 220V Single Zone KSIA036-H216-S - A&A Mini Splits

Klimaire 36000 Btu 16 SEER Ductless AC Mini Split WiFi Ready Heat 15FT KIT 220V Single Zone KSIA036-H216-S

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Cool & Heat Commercial Spaces Efficiently With High Capacity Mini-Split

Commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic or tall ceilings require a high capacity and reliable cooling and heating system. But that’s not all, if you’re a smart business owner, you expect a system that is energy-efficient. You also require the ability to control the temperature to meet the needs of your space at any given moment.

Klimaire’s KSIR036-H215-S gives you all of that and more. With 16 SEER energy efficiency and air conditioning heat pump inverter technology, you will automatically save up to 49% on energy costs compared to a standard split system air conditioning and heating system. The system also has auto dehumidification mode, which lowers operational costs and increases room comfort.

Other benefits of Klimaire KSIR036-H215-S mini-split air conditioner heat pump system include:

LOW AMBIENT HEATING & COOLING - Specialized engineering including sensors and the dual heating technology of base pan and crankcase heaters enables the system to provide cooling or heating in harsh conditions as low as 5° F.

Cooling in the Winter: Special environments like server rooms, restaurants, hydroponic nurseries and sun rooms can get unbearably hot even when the outside temperature is cold (low ambient conditions). You require a system that has cooling capacity to protect your business and commercial goods even in the dead of winter, as cold as 5°F.

Heating in Low Ambient Conditions: Heat pumps with DC inverter technology are by far the most versatile and energy-efficient way to heat and cool your commercial space. Klimaire’s KSIR ductless mini-split system's ability to provide heat even when the outdoor temperature drops as low as 5°F keeps your business operating smoothly, customers happy, business goods safe and your energy bill down. 

ADJUSTABLE LOUVERS & AUTO-SWING - With a touch of a button on the remote control, move the louvers to direct the airflow to an area that needs more cooling or heating or direct it away from guests who request an adjustment in the room temperature. This feature and long-range air discharge, to name a few functions, make the system ideal for:

  • Restaurants
  • Hydroponic gardens
  • Churches
  • Hospital lobbies
  • Indoor recreational centers
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Banks and ATM Lobbies
  • Remote utility transfer stations
  • Photo studios
  • Arena sky boxes
  • Shopping malls

TURBO - Switch to turbo mode and the unit will heat up or cool down the room in the shortest amount of time. Great for a sudden crowd or a full restaurant. Imagine a heat wave outside of your hydroponic garden. That would put your crop at risk. Turn on turbo and rest easy.

With DC inverter variable speed technology, frequent thermostat adjustments become a thing of the past. Just choose a setting on your thermostat once and the system will auto adjust to keep the temperature steady.  

KSIR036-H215-I | Indoor Unit

Klimaire’s KSIR Series host of self-maintenance features include a change filter reminder, vacation away free protection, fault display codes, memory, auto restart and 24 hour timer.

  • 3D air flow technology distributes the air evenly throughout the room
  • Easy to install with “Quick-Hook Design”
  • Self-cleaning function cleans and dries the evaporator, preventing mold growth 

KSIR036-H215-O | Outdoor Unit

Automatic defrost prevents condensation from freezing and damaging the compressor. The built-in base pan heater ensures reliable operation in temperatures as low as 5º F. A built-in crank case heater protects your compressor lifespan. Compact outdoor unit requires little ground space and can be mounted to a wall with wall brackets (not included). Pre-charged for up to 25 feet of refrigerant piping.

  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Double cam twin rotary compressor
  • Auto defrost, base pan heater plus crank case heater

Additional Features

  • EER (Energy Efficiency Rating): 8.5
  • Refrigerant lines sizes: Liquid side: 3/8" ; Gas side:  5/8"
  • Anti-cold air function
  • Full-function remote control and built-in  emergency MANUAL switch button
  • Indoor unit has multi-refrigerant outlet pipes: left/right/rear
  • ON/OFF programmable timer
  • Optional wired wall thermostat can be plugged-in easily for commercial or non-remote control use
  • Indoor unit is pre-vacuumed and outdoor unit is pre-charged
  • Includes 25 foot pre-flared insulated installation kit


  • Sunrooms
  • Greenhouses
  • Indoor gardens / hydroponic gardening
  • Room additions to homes or offices
  • Churches
  • Fitness Centers
  • Renovations
  • Family rooms
  • Wine cellars
  • Garages/workshops

Your Klimaire KSIR Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Air Conditioner Heat Pump System from Heat & Cool Comes With:

  • KSIR036-H215-I | Indoor Unit
  • KSIR036-H215-O | Outdoor Unit
  • Remote Control With Wall Bracket Holder
  • Indoor Unit Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Installation Manual
  • User Manual
  • Manufacturer Warranty 


  • 1 year parts limited warranty
  • 5 years compressor limited warranty