Klimaire 24000 Btu 15 SEER AC 15FT Lineset Mini Split Inverter Heat Pump 220V Single Zone KSIF024-H215-S(W) - A&A Mini Splits

Klimaire 24000 Btu 17 SEER AC 15FT Lineset Mini Split Inverter Heat Pump 220V Single Zone KSIF024-H215-S(W)

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Klimaire KSIV024-H219-IW ductless mini-split heat pump 24000 Btu is a true zone control system. They Have numerous potential applications such as multifamily housing or as retrofit add-ons to houses with “non-ducted heating systems such as hydronic , radiant panels and space heaters. They are a good choice where duct work installation is not feasible. Installs fast and easy. Over 30% savings can be achieved with this super high efficiency system over a conventional on /off system. They come with pre-flared installation kits, pre-charged outdoor units and pre-vacuumed indoor units. This unit is integrated  with DC Inverter technology enables variable compressor speed, reducing the power usage to the minimum while keeping the indoor temperature steady and constantly controls the dehumidification process for better indoor air Quality and comfort. This unit is designed with features to allow the unit to operate in winter temperature as low as-5ºF. The Sleek and attractive wall mounted indoor unit is whisper quite and comes with a fully-function remote control and built-in  emergency MANUAL switch button for convenience and  wall bracket for easy installation.

* Remote Control -Unit comes with a remote control that allows the user to set custom control parameters. A wall remote holder is included. An optional wired wall thermostat can be plug-in easily for commercial or non remote control users.

* RLD- Refrigerant Leak Detection- You can know when your unit is performing or not, it monitors and gives you the ability to check and be alerted about the performance of your unit; preventing damages to the compressor and automatically shuts of the unit.

* Total comfort – Oscillating louver technology distribute air evenly throughout the room, precise air flow can be adjusted with 12 speed motor, different flap angles provide better air circulation for either heating or cooling, Silence operation enables the system to work in low frequency and indoor unit brings faint breeze, reduces noise level and creates quite and comfortable room for applications where noise reduction is vital.

* FP- Freeze protection –This function allows you to keep the room at 46ºF when you are away from home for a long time during heating season preventing freeze conditions in the room.

* Dehumidification-Independent Humidity Control allows the unit efficiently dehumidifies with its dry mode function without changing the room temperature.

* Sleep Mode-Helps to maintain the most comfortable temperature for a deep sleep and save more energy. Superior to the traditional one sleep model.

* Self-diagnosis – Micro processor in the main electronic board performs a self-diagnostics and displays error codes to make maintenance simple.

* Auto swing louver – The auto swing Louver function ensures that the air direction corresponds to the mode selected.

* Auto-restart - After a power interruption when the power returns the unit will restart automatically at the previous function settings.

* Anti-cold draft - If the ambient temperature is low and when the unit is turn on in heat mode; it will warm up prior to starting the fan operation to prevent a cold air blast to make people feel more comfortable.

* Quick-Hook Design – The Indoor unit can be hung easier and faster on the newly designed mounting plate reducing installation time and easing service with additional gap for pipe installation as well as right to left adjustments.

* Convenient for installation – Multi-refrigerant outlet pipe method: left/right/rear, more flexible for installation.

* Extended heating can be achieved in ambient conditions as low as 5º F.

* Low Ambient cooling available in ambient conditions as low as 5 º F applications require cooling during winter season.

* Silver ion filter and active carbon compound filter included.

* Bio filter or high density filter can be purchased separately.

* Optional wired control can be purchased separately.


    • 17 SEER / 208-230 volt

    • Total comfort - Unit is fitted with an oscilating louver distributes air evenly and a powerful and silent air flow to reach every spot in the room

    • 12 Fan speeds allows to adjust precisely to the setting that delivers the greatest comfor. Turbo mode enables the unit to reach the prest temperature in the shortest time

    • ON/OFF Programmable Timer to set personalized comfort preferences up to 24 hours


Model Number KSIF024-H215-S(W)
Brand Klimaire
Cooling Capacity (Btu/h) 24000
Heating Capacity (Btu/h) 24000
Dehumidification (Pint/hr) No
HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) 8.8
Installation Type Wall Mount
IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Self cleaning
Power Supply 208-230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz