Single Zone 18,000 BTU Klimaire 17 SEER Commercial Wall/Ceiling Ductless AC Heat Pumps  (230 Volt) - A&A Mini Splits

Single Zone 18,000 BTU Klimaire 17 SEER Commercial Wall/Ceiling Ductless AC Heat Pumps (230 Volt)

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Light Commercial Ductless Units Provide Turn-Key Indoor Comfort

Klimaire ductless light commercial air conditioner heat pump systems allow HVAC installation in spaces where ductwork is impractical or impossible. Eliminating the need for ductwork is not the only advantage. Klimaire inverter-driven mini-splits also provide “true zone control,” which means each indoor unit individually controls the temperature and humidity in the room where it’s installed. The inverter-driven compressor also stabilizes room temperature and saves energy.

By means of a microprocessor, inverter mechanics sense the indoor air temperature and adjust compressor speed to run in synch with the amount of heating or cooling required to maintain the temperature. In contrast, a standard on/off system runs at maximum speed until the set temperature is reached and then turns off. The temperature must change in order for the system to turn on again. This abrupt powering on and off of the system creates uncomfortable hot and cold swings and is not energy-efficient.

  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Eliminating constant powering on and off translates into longer system life
  • Heat pump plus inverter can cut energy by 49%

High-tech but simple to install and use, Klimaire mini-splits are 4-in-1 systems. Choose from heating, cooling, fan and dehumidification modes. Self-diagnostics and fault display codes also make preventative maintenance simple.

KUIM | Indoor Unit

The KUIM unique decorative and versatile design allows the unit to be suspended from the ceiling or placed low on the wall or simply placed on the floor. Extremely quiet, and rugged construction makes it ideal for areas of heavy traffic and public areas.

  • Attractive, modern design
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • Anti-cold air function

KSIO | Outdoor Unit

The compact, pre-charged unit easily fits on a concrete slab or can be mounted on a wall. The corrosion-resistant cabinet ensures it will endure and keep its attractive appearance. The inverter meticulously controls the speed of the compressor and the heat pump technology provides a flexible, cost-effective heating and cooling solution.

  • Easily connects to indoor unit through 3” hole in building
  • Never lose your settings with auto restart memory
  • Provides heat in outdoor temperatures as cold as 5°F

Additional Features

  • Sleep mode
  • Dedicated dehumidification mode
  • Auto defrosting


  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial spaces
  • Garages/workshops

Your Klimaire Ductless Light Commercial Mini-Split System from Heat & Cool Comes with:

  • Klimaire pre-vacuumed indoor unit and pre-charged outdoor unit
  • Full-function remote control
  • Installation Manual
  • User’s Manual
  • Manufacturer Warranty


  • 1 year parts limited warranty
  • 5 years compressor limited warranty

Key Specifications

Brand Klimaire
Model Number KUIM018-H2U + KSIO018-H221-OC
Indoor Model Number KUIM18
Outdoor Model Number KSIO18
Application Area 1000 SqFt
Number of Zones (Rooms) 1
Heating Capacity 18000 Btu/h
Mounting Type Console
Application Heat Pump/heating & cooling
Efficiency (SEER) 17
Control Voltage 230 Volt
System Shipping Weight 157.3 lbs
Manufacturer Limited Warranty 5 years compressor
Manufacturer Limited Warranty 1 years